Twenty Three Percent Drop in UK Visitors to Ireland

According to a recent report by the Central Statistics Office there was a drop of eighteen percent in visitor numbers this May to Ireland when compared to the same month last year. The report also showed that the people of Ireland made ten percent less trips abroad for the same time comparison period.

The biggest decline came in the number of British visitors with a massive twenty three percent drop recorded. The number of people visiting from the US actually showed a small rise of 200.

Speaking on behalf of opposition party Fine Gael Olivia Mitchell TD labeled the situation as “catastrophic”.  She went on to say that many of the worst fears for the tourism industry in Ireland were now being realized.

Predictably Ryanair used the report to again condemn the government’s ten euro tourist tax. The largest drop in traffic they have experienced this year has been on their Ireland to UK routes. They predicted that things will only get worse until the tax is scrapped.

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