Taxi Prices Slammed in Irish Independent

One of Irelands leading daily newspapers the Irish independent this week received a letter from an angry reader criticising the cost of getting a taxi from Dublin Airport.

It is certainly a lot easier to get a taxi in Dublin these days. Taxi ranks all over the city are full of vacant taxi cabs A few years back it was almost a hopeless cause getting a taxi in Dublin at certain times of the day.

A letter published in the Irish Independent last week spoke of being charged forty five euro for a twenty five minute taxi trip from Dublin Airport to the Spa Hotel in Lucan. The incident happened one week before Christmas and was a mid afternoon fare.

The woman who wrote the letter called on the DAA or the Taxi regulator to step in and stop this kind of situation from happening again.

It is quite a remarkable amount to pay when you consider the cost of car hire at Dublin Airport. Prices start from just twenty euro a day depending on when you book.