Ryanair to Cut Back on Aircraft at Dublin and Shannon

The chief executive of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary yesterday announced that Ryanair would be cutting back on aircraft numbers at Dublin and Shannon Airport for their winter timetable.

This adds to the five planes which have already been removed from Dublin this year. With two hundred and fifty job losses already recorded by the airline this year this latest news will cost another one hundred jobs according to Ryanair.

There will now be sixteen planes at Dublin Airport and three at Shannon. O’Leary went on to say that it was yet undecided where cutbacks will take place but he predicted more aircraft losses for Dublin and Shannon.

He layed the blame for the loss squarely at the door of the Irish Government slamming their ten euro airport tax which was approved last March. He predicted a further drop in tourist numbers in the coming months. He has written a letter to government leaders pledging to abandon the cuts if they remove the tax.

O’Leary believes that the money the government earns from the tax could easily be matched by higher tourism numbers which he believes would be the outcome of removing the tax.

Ryanair estimate that they will carry two and a half million less passengers in 2009 at Dublin Airport than they did the previous year.