Ryanair Consider New Baggage Handling Approach

Irish budget airline Ryanair are always on the look out for a way to cut costs. Recent speculation on charging customers to use toilet facilities on the plane certainly raised a few eyebrows.

The latest idea from the airline is to do away with baggage handlers and have customers carry their own bags through security points. The bags would then be left at the bottom of the plane steps where they would then be placed in the hold.

When you arrive at your destination your bag would be available to pick up on the steps of the plane. Ryanair wished to allay fears over turnaround times saying that if times were affected they would not go through with the plan.

This is just one of the many cost cutting plans from Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary. The company expects to save forty million euro annually with its plan to axe airport check ins. This will come into operation in October.

O’Leary has also spoken of plans to purchase 2 to 300 new planes. They are currently in talks with Boeing and Airbus in an attempt to trash out a deal.