Ryanair Comes in for Criticism

Ryanair has come in for some strong criticism from the Consumers Association of Ireland due to increases in their baggage check in charges which are due to come into place in October. The new charges mean that the cost of checking in a bag will rise by fifty percent and the fee for a second bag could rise by as much as a whopping two hundred and fifty percent.

Online baggage check in will increase by five euro while checking in a bag at the airport will increase by ten euro.  The cost of carrying sports gear will go up by ten euro for online check ins and also for Airport check ins. There is also an increase in the excess weight charge rising by five euro per kilo.

Speaking on behalf of the Consumers Association of Ireland, Dermott Jewell stated that the new charges “beggared belief”. He went on to stress the effect these costs would have on hard hit families. He believes many things described by Ryanair as optional are in fact necessities.

Ryanair pointed to the fact that it is still free for passengers to bring on hand luggage weighing less the ten kilograms. It was also noted that fares have dropped by around twenty percent in the last year.