Ryanair Calls on Irish Government to Scrap Air Passenger Duty

Last Friday 14th May Ryanair praised the decision by the Spanish Government to abolish airport taxes for any airline that manages to up or maintain the passenger numbers it achieved in the latter half of 2008 for the same period the following year in Spains biggest airports.

The news was warmly welcomed by Ryanair seeing it as gesture towards increasing tourism in Spain in these difficult financial times. Other recent developments to help tourism around Europe include

• Regional Airport tax removed in Greece
• Air customer tax removed in Belgium
• Removal of twelve euro air customer tax in Holland

The Irish low cost airline has now called on its own government to follow suit and abolish its ten euro passenger duty tax which came into existence on the 1st of April. The tax has been described as “tourism suicide” by Ryanair officials.

Michael O’Leary called the tax “stupid” and asked the Irish government to look at what other European countries had done to help tourism in their countries. O’Leary also called on the DAA to reduce charges by thirty percent at Dublin, Shannon and Cork Airports.

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