Ryanair Announce Extra Check in Charge

Well they’re still probably cheaper than everyone else but the recent announcement of a “check-in” charge by Ryanair has caused outrage among some customers

Michael O’ Leary described the new charge as a move to encourage passengers to check-in online and only bring hand luggage with them

Counter check-ins will now set customers back another £3 on top of the current Ryanair check in charges. Ryanair has received a lot praise around the world for becoming one of the world’s most profitable airlines while still maintaining its low fares.

The new check-in charge is sure to save Ryanair even more money with less need for so many staff at check-in points.

The criticism is sure to be like water off a ducks back as far as O’ Leary is concerned. Mr ‘O Leary has in recent times called members of the European Commission “Morons” and “Communists” and politicians of high standing “idiots”

He also notably purchased taxi number plates for his car in 2005 in order to beat the traffic jams and get away with using bus lanes in Dublin.