Obama’s Uncle Visits Dublin

President Obama’s Uncle, Said Obama was invited this week to attend the Dublin Horse Show as special guest of Sheikh Samir Mirdad. Said from Kenya is actually five years younger than his famous nephew.

Mr. Obama stayed in County Louth and has reportably vowed to visit again as soon as possible. He spoke of his excitement regarding a trip to the Dublin Horse Show and how he had been told it was the best event of its kind in the world.

There have been many more visitors than usual to Said’s home village of Kongelo in Kenya since Barack’s election. As well as taking in some sights and relaxing there is also official business to deal with as chairman of the Sarah Hussein Obama Trust.

The aim of the trust is to help poor people in Kenya as was well as restore the original Obama home in Kongelo. Barack Hussein Obama dies in a tragic road accident in 1982. He was Said’s Brother and Barack’s father.