November at Dublin Airport

We are almost into the month of November which of course means winter time. What happened to the summer? Anyway at least November has a few good things going for it when it comes to taking a holiday. Due to availability it is possible to pick up plenty of special offers when it comes to booking hotel rooms and arranging flights.

Hoteliers need to fill those empty rooms and will attempt to by offering enticing special deals. My inbox has been full recently of emails from airlines such as Aer Lingus all offering November flight sales. It can be a good month of the year to take a holiday if you enjoy a quiet holiday rather than a packed summer vacation.

It’s easy to get around and see many of the attractions in Dublin due to the small number of tourists at this time of year. You can walk the various museums and historical sights in comfort taking your time in a relaxing atmosphere.

When it comes to hiring a car in Dublin you will also find prices to be very reasonable. Again low demand will see car hire firms trying to bring in funds through cheap offers.