New One Euro Charge at Airport

In a move that’s seems to go against what every other airport in the world is doing right now the Commission for Aviation Regulation have decided to raise their airport charge by one euro.

At a time when most people are feeling the pinch of the current recession the move has come as a surprise to many. The increase will begin at the start of the year rising from the current rate €7.39 per individual to €8.35.

The Aviation Regulation said that the increase was necessary due to the drop in the number of people using the airport.  They also hinted that more increases may be on the way.

The news was greeted with derision by the Consumer Association stating that there will be less passengers the more the price goes up. Michael Kilcoyne said he could see no justification whatsoever for the increase.

In order to cover the expenses of Terminal two it is believed that a new charge will be introduced in 2011. Cathal Guiomard said he was unsure of the cost until the winning tender was known.

Predictably Ryanair were quick to slam the increase. They stated that the regulator is “hopelessly out of touch” with the moves being made by other airports around the world. Stephen McNamara branded the regulator as “useless”