Major Job Cuts at Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus announced this week plans to cut six hundred and seventy six jobs by 2011. The move is being made in order to reduce yearly operating expenses by ninety seven million euro.

At present Aer Lingus employs three thousand and nine hundred people. They have stated that they believe the majority of lay offs will be on a voluntary redundancy basis. They added however that the cuts would be made on a compulsory basis if unions were not agreeable.

SIPTU spoke out against the cuts today labeling them “draconian”. Speaking on behalf of SIPTU Gerry McCormack believed the decision to be an overreaction to the current economic climate. The association will hold meetings next week with shop stewards to discuss the matter further.

Aer Lingus believe that they must “fundamentally change” their work practices with pay cuts of ten percent being sought on salaries over thirty five thousand. They added that further cuts may be necessary if the plan is not working out as 2011 looms closer.