Luxury cars left at Dublin Airport

You can hardly turn on the TV or the radio theses days with hearing about the economic recession that is currently gripping Ireland. According to the Dublin Airport Authority people are now leaving their cars behind at airport car parks when emigrating from the country.

Its not just old bangers been left behind either. Luxury cars such as the BMW 5 Series have been abandoned. The DAA have had to employ a company to deal with the abandoned cars as well as getting in touch with banks in order for them to repossess cars.

In most cases the owners of the cars have not bothered to contact their lending institutions to let them know that they will no longer be making payments or to tell them where they have left the car.

There are up to eighteen thousand cars parked in Dublin Airport everyday so it can take some time to notice cars which are not being collected. The DAA have a license plate recognition system which allows them to check if certain cars are still in their car parks.

Banks may also be left to pay for the car parking bill which can run to as much as €40 a day. This means if a bank wants to claim ownership of the car then they must pay the parking bill. The economic situation in Ireland has meant that many people are not able to keep up their loan repayments.

According to the Merlin Motor car sales group over 8000 vehicles have been repossessed in Ireland in the last twelve months.