Less Spending on Holidays this Year

According to a recent poll by Tesco Finance thirty four percent of British people will spend less on their annual holiday this year. Twelve percent have those polled said they would be spending much less than usual.

Two thousand people from the UK took part in the survey with the results showing that most people are doing what they can to save the pennies this summer. Areas where holiday makers intend to spend less include food and drink (54%) and duty free (43%)

Self catering accommodation is proving more popular than ever this year as it gives people the option of buying cheap local food and eating at their apartment. The camping holiday also appears to be making a comeback with people opting for campervans and staying at camping sites.

Many Brits are also bringing their favourite food items from home with them including items such as cereal and teabags. Almost two thirds of the people polled said they would be planning their spending in detail before they set off.

In a breakdown of area habits it seems that the most bargain conscious consumers come from the Midlands.