Less Flights on Aer Lingus Dublin to Belfast Route

Aer Lingus plans to cut the number of flights on five routes this Autumn at Belfast International Airport but pledged to run the flights again as normal within 4 months of that date.

The five affected destinations are Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Rome and Faro.  There will be less aircraft available for the Dublin-Belfast route meaning less frequent flights. Enda Corneille speaking on behalf of Aer Lingus said that the move was not unusual as there would be less demand in these months. He also spoke of the need for Aer Lingus to be careful with expenditure so they could continue to offer low fares.

The downtime for certain aircrafts will be used to perform necessary maintenance. One plane will be removed from Belfast International Airport during this time with a number set to be removed from Dublin Airport. Everything is expected to be back to normal by March next year.

Aer Lingus plan to offer Winter getaway flights to Tenerife and Lanzarote. These routes will use up extra airtime. Aer Lingus denied they were cutting flights due to competition.