Laser Pointer incidents at Airport

Pilots have asked for hand held laser pointers to be prohibited after several dangerous incidents of misuse at Dublin Airport. Pilots have been blinded by the lasers while attempting to land planes.

Just a minute and a half before landing, pilots have been targeted by laser wielding idiots. The lasers can cause temporary blindness which could lead to devastating consequences.

Captain Adrian Hinkson of the Irish Airline Pilots Association has stated that there have been as many as 12 incidents so far at Dublin Airport. He went on to brand the perpetrators as “idiots” and said that unfortunately it is not currently a crime to own one.

If you are hit directly in the eye by a laser you may not be able to see out of that eye for up to half an hour. You may also suffer retinal injury.  Hinkson believes the lasers should be registered as weapons and require a license.

The lasers have been used for searching for stars by astronomers. In the US last year a man was arrested for pointing a laser at a pilot. Gardai are currently making use of aerial support in order to catch the culprits. Aer Lingus say that six of their flights have been targets in the past few months.