Get what you need from your Hire Car

When you begin the search for a car hire in Dublin, you should have a good idea in mind of what exactly you require. There are options on our booking engine which can limit your search just to the vehicle type you require for example budget or premium.

Space is always an important one to consider. If you have a lot of luggage or sports equipment you may need to look for an estate vehicle. You don’t want to be travelling long distances with sports equipment sticking into you leg or a suitcase crushing your knees.

These rental cars will of course set you back a bit more but by reserving early you can really save a lot of money. Another thing to keep in mind is engine size.

Consider what car you regularly drive in your everyday life. If it is not a particularly powerful car then hiring a rental car with a two litre engine may not be a good idea as it could take some getting used to.

Comfort is something that you should consider especially if there will be a lot of driving time. Relax and enjoy your time away and on the road by hiring the right car.