Get to know your rental car

When you arrive at Dublin Airport, you most probably will want to get out of there as quick as possible. You just want to hop into your car hire and get on the road. However you really should take some time to get acquainted with your rental car before you drive off.

You may be in the midst of heavy traffic and fancy listening to the radio only to end up turning on your wipers or air conditioning which can be dangerously distracting in Dublin traffic.

Here are some helpful tips for you to get to know your car before you hit the road:

• Carefully start the car and make sure everything is in order. Listen out for any strange noises.

• Check out the air conditioning. If you are arriving in Dublin at this time of year, you will most likely want some heat 😉

• Check both inside and outside for any damage to the car. Bring any damage you find to the attention of your Dublin Airport car hire agent.

• Find a station you like on the radio so you don’t get distracted changing the radio when driving.

• Find the automatic switch for opening windows. This will save you fumbling about if you need to go through a toll booth.

• Find out where your fog lights are. They could well be necessary in Dublin at this time of year. Also make sure you know where the switch is for your windscreen wipers.

Follow these tips until you are comfortable, then you are ready to go…