Finding the Cheapest Car Hire Rates

Looking to hire a car? You need to consider whether you are you going on a family holiday or an important business trip in order to make your journey as hassle free as possible? Are you positive that you have sourced the best hire car rates possible?

Despite what you may have heard, car rental companies are not all the same. All of the major international agents have their own prices and special rates, which make it well worth checking around to see what other car hire sites have to offer.

“I thought all the major car hire agents charged much the same car rental rates?” Not true, the car hire industry is extremely competitive and all the major companies are battling it out for your money. They are continually trying to steal each other’s customers. Most will try to entice new customers with special promotions deals.

“I’ve heard it’s cheaper to rent weekly than daily?” Yes, this is true; the vast majority of car hire companies will offer a cheaper weekly rate. Sometimes you could pay more for 5 daily rentals than a one-week rental so even if you don’t want the car the whole week its well worth asking

Are the major car hire companies the best? No, certainly not always, minor car hire companies can quite frequently propose a superior car hire rate.

Just be careful that you are dealing with a respectable car hire company. Be wary of companies that have exceptionally low rates. Sometimes these agents don’t offer unlimited mileage and entail unseen costs

When looking to hire a car at Dublin Airport, always do your homework. Compare each company’s rate with what you have already been offered. It could save you quite a tidy sum.