Electric Car Hire?

Ever thought about hiring an electric car? While it’s not something we can currently offer here, it is being offered in London by a company called Streetcar,

The first scheme of it kind in the United Kingdom was launched by Boris Johnson on Monday June 15th.  Customers can now hire a modified Toyota Prius with prices starting from less than six pounds an hour.

The car is being offered on a trial basis at present with the hope of encouraging people to use transport which is friendlier to the environment.  The car cost thirty six thousand pounds to make and is also referred to as an Amberjac.

There are currently fifty eight thousand members signed up to Streetcar. One of the founders of Streetcar Brett Akker expects membership to rise to half a million by the year 2012.

Let us know what you think? Would you hire an electric car if available? or will you be sticking with the traditional models?