Dublin to Host Real Madrid

It seems impossible to turn on the TV today without getting round the clock coverage of Ronaldo’s imminent move to Real Madrid. Press are scrambling around the world famous footballer desperate for a quote as they track his every move at his LA base.

The good news for Dubliners is that you may get a chance to see Ronaldo play up close this summer (good news if you are a fan of his of course). Real Madrid have just announced pre season plans which include a trip to Dublin. They will play a game here against yet to be named opposition.

The team will spend nine days in Dublin arriving on July 13th and departing on July 22nd. Irish football fans may also get a chance to see top players such as new signing Kaka play.

So will you be booing or cheering Ronaldo if he plays in Dublin? Liverpool fans – yes? United fans – yes? – Most seem to be happy that he is leaving. Eighty million is a good price I think but United have a big gap to fill*.

*Note: Unbiased Opinion: I don’t support any of the teams mentioned above