Dublin Safest City Roads in EU

There have been a lot of initiatives over the years in Ireland to help improve road safety. TV legend Gay Byrne fronted a highly publicized road safety campaign. Hard work undertaken by many now seems to be paying off with Ireland managing to rise to sixth place in a recent road safety report.

The report was published by the European Transport Safety Council. Two years ago Ireland came in ninth position in the survey. In 2008 there were fifty nine less fatalities than the previous year. There have been forty one percent less fatalities on Irish roads since 2001.

Targets set for 2010 are not expected to be met however a spokesman for the Road Safety Authority said that the most important thing was to set realistic targets.

Dublin was named as the safest capital city in Europe in which to drive. Ireland joined its Scandinavian neigbours Norway and Sweden in obtaining 5 stars for occupant protection with new cars. The survey showed that only ten percent of all cars in Ireland are over seven years old.

Gay Byrne of the RSA pleaded with drivers to slow down. He went on to say that is it still the leading cause of road deaths in the country.