Dublin Hotels Forty Five Percent Cheaper than Galway

According to a recent survey by hotels.com it seems that it is forty five percent more expensive to book a hotel in Galway City than it is in Dublin City. Accommodation in Cork was also six percent more expensive than in Dublin.

In fact Galway was actually more expensive than top European destinations such as Madrid, London, Barcelona and Rome. Prices for a hotel room in Galway worked out at an average of one hundred and ten euro per night. This was despite experiencing a twenty six percent drop in the first half of this year.

The average cost of a hotel room in Dublin worked out at Seventy six euro per night with Cork three euro more expensive. Galway’s neighbouring city in the west Limerick actually worked out at a whopping seventy percent cheaper when it comes to booking a hotel room. The largest drop in room prices came in Cork.

Dublin hotel rooms actually dropped further in Price than any other top European cities apart from Barcelona which showed similar drops. Country wise Ireland reported the largest overall drop in hotel rates.