Dublin for the Bank Holiday

The October bank holiday weekend is coming up so that means a nice long weekend break for many Irish people. Many will be eager to enjoy their time off and will have already booked a short break away while others will be scrambling around trying to find something suitable right up to the weekend.

If you choose to stay in Ireland then why not use the weekend to get reacquainted with all the great things Ireland has to offer. Hiring a car in Dublin is simple as it also is in any of the major airports and cities around the country. Prices start at very cheap rates meaning it could be one of the most affordable October breaks you have experienced in many years.

There may some famous Irish sites that you have not been to since you were a kid that you would love to rediscover. Perhaps you have your own family now and would like to introduce them to some of Ireland’s treasures. Finding time to get away is not normally too easy for the majority of us so when the chance comes up it needs to be grabbed.

Make the most of the bank holiday this year.