Dublin Cheaper than Spain

Spain has always traditionally been a country where you can find cheap car hire. Due to large demand and huge fleets companies were able to continually undercut each other in a bid to secure the deal. A recent report however has shown that renting a car at Dublin Airport actually currently works out cheaper than hiring a car in many Spanish holiday hotspots.

In the past many holidaymakers have traveled to Spain without even bothering to book car hire in advance confident that they will have no problem hiring a car. Things have changed this year however with many major firms running out of cars in key locations. Some reports have suggested that car hire prices are up by three hundred percent.

Fleets have been cut by certain firms and tourist numbers have also been underestimated. It will take a far worse recession to stop many of use heading to Spain for some cheap fun in the sun.

We are confident that we can find you the right car at a superb price. We also believe that while major companies may be running out of cars in Spain there are still plenty of bargains to be found.