Airport Charge for Plastic Bags

Baggage fees have long been a major gripe among airline passengers however the news that passengers will now have to pay one euro for two plastic security bags at Dublin Airport to store toiletries has shocked even the most skeptical of customers.

In the past the bags as you would expect have always been free. Recent changes made in relation to this at airports around the world have prompted Dublin Airport to follow suit. The bags were introduced as a security procedure after the 9/11 attacks.

Mr Michael Kilcoyne speaking on behalf of the Consumer Association of Ireland described the decision as yet another example of Ireland’s rip off culture. He went on to label the decision as “ridiculous”.

The charge has also been introduced at Shannon Airport in the west of Ireland. The DAA defended the decision saying that they could have introduced the charge much earlier. Passengers can avoid paying the charge by bringing their own plastic bags.