Dublin Airport Authority Hits Back at Ryanair

Recent claims from Ryanair that a security failure had resulted in over fifty Ryanair passengers missing their flights have been denied by the Dublin Airport Authority.

According to Ryanair the DAA failed in their security role last Saturday the 27th June when customers were left queuing for more than half an hour. They went on to say that this was the second incident of its kind pointing to May 26th when over one hundred passengers missed their flights due to security delays.

The DAA hit back saying that they had received no complaints from any passengers regarding missed flights. They described the allegations as “completely and utterly untrue”. They went on to say that security lines can be quite long sometimes but delays should be no longer than fifteen minutes and last Saturday was no different to any other day.

The DAA believe that those who are checking in online may not be giving themselves enough time to catch their flight. They advised passengers to arrive between an hour and an hour and a half before their flight departure time.