DAA Advertisement Questioned

Ryanair were once again at war with the Dublin Airport Authority today. The long running feud between the groups continued today with Ryanair accusing the DAA of false advertising.

In a recent advertising run the DAA advised passengers to arrive ninety minutes before their flight time in order to be sure of catching their flight on time. Ryanair say that this goes completely against the DAA’s assertion that you can get through security at Dublin Airport in fifteen minutes.

They believe the ads are a plan by the DAA to get customers spending money at Dublin Airport while they are waiting around for their flight. Extra income could be gained at car parks, shops etc.

Speaking on behalf of Ryanair Stephen McNamara said that’s Ryanair’s online check in has dramatically cut the amount of time people need to spend at the airport. He said that three quarters of an hour is more than enough time to arrive before your flight. He slammed the DAA for spending money on a selfish advertising campaign when they could be spending money on improving customer experiences.