Driving tips for Dublin

Some simple driving tips for when you pick up your car

• If you are planning a long drive then be sure to get a good nights sleeps. Coffee may give you a short boost but it won’t last.

• Even if you don’t feel you need it, it is advisable to take a short break from driving every two hours. Get out of the car and stretch those legs. Pull over to a safe place preferably a petrol stop.

• If you have paid for an additional driver option then take turns driving.

• If you are travelling alone, put on the radio to help keep yourself alert

• Don’t even drink one alcoholic beverage before driving. You may think you are fine but a breathalyzer test may think differently.

• Don’t use a mobile phone while driving unless you have a hands free set in your car hire. You may be fined for this in Dublin.

• Many Irish radio talk shows offer regular traffic updates. Keep an ear out for these as they could save you some time

• Don’t be afraid to ask for directions (even if you’re a man). We Irish are a friendly lot!

• Don’t leave any valuables in clear sight when leaving the car

• Do your homework on Irish road signs.

• Go to a supermarket to stock up on healthy snacks if you are going on a long trip. Petrol stations in Ireland are not cheap for snacks. Bring plastic forks, cups and napkins.

• Always wear your seatbelt! Back seat and front.