Car Hire Excess Insurance at Dublin Airport

A recent article in the papers in the UK spoke of the various pitfalls people can fall into when hiring cars. One of the complaints often heard is the amount charged for excess insurance at car hire desks.

What is Excess Insurance? When you hire a car it comes with a basic collision waiver damage (CDW) policy however there is an excess amount which you will be responsible for should your Dublin rental car be stolen or damaged. This amount can often be up to two thousand pounds.

Staff at car hire desks will offer you an excess policy when picking up your car which generally costs around fifteen pounds a day. When you hire a car here you are offered the option of excess insurance during the booking process. The difference here is that through our partners, we are able to offer policies at far cheaper rates.

For instance you can get daily cover for £4.50 a day or monthly cover for £49. This offers a significant saving. Save your holiday money for the more exciting things.