Car Hire in Ireland

Hiring a car is an exceptionally popular way of traveling around Ireland. Large lines of people waiting at car hire desks at Dublin, Shannon and Cork certainly bear testament to this.

The fact is that Ireland is not like most Western European countries when it comes to public transport. The train network has undergone improvement in recent years but is still years behind becoming a top service like its European neighbours.

The system is very much built around Dublin so you may end up going from one end of the country to another just to get a connecting train in Dublin. Price is also a major issue with a two and a half hour journey from Dublin to cork costing sixty five euro. It often actually works out cheaper to fly this route!

The national bus service is better though in truth not great. It connects almost every town but this means you could end up on a six hour bus trip from Dublin to cork where as if you used a private coach you could be there in three and a half hours.

Car hire at Dublin Airport can often work out as a cheaper option with rental cars available from just twenty euro a day. You are also afforded the freedom of traveling at your own pace. Search for a quote today and see if it is the right option for your trip to Ireland