Beautiful Places to Visit Around Dublin City

Dublin is no doubtone of the prettiest and most historic cities in the world. The city was founded in 841 and has seen more than its share of  conquerors, wars and famines.

It has been listed as one of the top 30 cities in the world for its ancient and contemporary history. More than 2 million tourists visit the city each year and have a wonderful time in the beautiful and friendly place.

Perhaps, not many tourists know that the outskirts of Dublin are equally well-known for gourmet food, pubs and a bustling nightlife. If you are planning to visit the city, spend some time driving to the areas that we’ve listed for you.


Only the locals know about Fingal and they are more than happy to keep the secret. This region is located about an hour or so from Dublin city. You can take the M1 to drive south. The N2, M4, N5, N6, M7, N8, and M9 can also be used to reach here.

You can get around by bus, coach, car or train too. Fingal boasts more then 27 great golf courses along with maritime activities that are open all through the year. There are several sea and river angling facilities that are open to the public during peak season.

Try the Rogerstown, Sutton and Howth Harbor facilities for fresh water and seawater angling. For equestrian lovers, trekking, schooling and hunting activities are available all through the year. There are a range of hiking and camping facilities too. Don’t forget to visit the ancient castles and ruins spread out all over the city and the wonderful pubs, nightlife and gourmet restaurants.

Dublin Mountains

Drive twenty minutes out of the city and reach the Dublin Mountains which is a great place to enjoy a relaxing weekend. The mountains offer world-class hiking, mountaineering, camping, bird-watching and other facilities for families and couples.

The mountains are also home to unique flora and fauna which can be enjoyed during the summer season. During the winter season, hiking can be arranged by local authorities. Don’t forget to visit Johnnie Foxes pub on the mountain to enjoy a pint.


Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown County

This is a must for Dublin visitors. It houses Dalkey Castle & a heritage Ccntre which had several towers that formed the boundaries of Dalkey. Just a single tower is visible and it includes a murder hole, a barizan and battlements dating from 1429.

A short walk down from the castle and you come across Sandy Cove which was the temporary residence of author James Joyce. A small museum called the James Joyce Museum is located close-by exhibiting letters, photographs, and personal possessions of the author. The wonderful shoreline means a host of water sports are possible all through the year.

Dublin is a wonderful place to enjoy a vacation and Dublin drives are the best way to enjoy the city at your own pace.  See all the sights with a cheap Dublin Airport car rental deal.