Baggage at Dublin Airport

I’m not trying to put anyone off from flying with this article but some of the statistics regarding baggage losses are quite staggering. Reportably around forty two million bags are lost every year worldwide which means around one hundred and fifteen thousand items go missing daily.

A recent report undertaken by the European Consumer Centre showed that just five percent of Irish passengers are fully aware of their rights when flying. Most people fly to Dublin Airport with either Aer Lingus or Ryanair.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose some baggage then all complaints and correspondence must be done in writing with these airlines. Ryanair’s efforts to discourage the checking in of baggage actually means that they have relatively few cases of lost luggage.

The survey found that two thirds of Irish travelers were unaware that the maximum payout on damaged luggage was €1,150. Claims must be made within seven days which for many holidaymakers comes far too quickly as they have not had time to notice any damage.

If a bag is missing for twenty one days or more it is considered lost forever. The maximum compensation available is one thousand euro. If the airline chooses to be difficult they can then demand proof of every item claimed for.

So as you can see it may be worth thinking twice next time before skipping past the optional travel insurance section.