Automatic Car Hire at Dublin Airport

Feeling comfortable while driving about is vital both for your enjoyment and safety. When you are driving in a new country for the first time you will have enough on your mind trying to get used to unknown road systems and signs.

Be careful when exiting the Airport and do not be rushed by any impatient drivers behind you. Familiarise yourself if possible with local road signs and the rules of the road before you arrive in Dublin.

Choose the right type of car. Don’t be swayed by cheaper options if you are not going to be comfortable driving a certain type of car.

For instance you may own an automatic car hire at home and have not driven a manual car for quite some time.

If this is the case then you would be better off hiring an automatic car at Dublin Airport. This option can be selected under car hire class when booking. Holidays should be stress free occasions if possible. Consider all your options carefully and make the right decision.