August Bank Holiday Car Rental

Fancy a long weekend in Dublin? Monday August 3rd is the Irish bank holiday which means many people will be looking into ways of making the most of the four day weekend. There is not much time left now to book essentials such as lodgings and car hire. As always early booking is advised if you intend traveling during busy periods.

It is important to obtain a car that you are comfortable with. Using our booking engine you will notice that there is a car hire class section which allows users to search by vehicle type. This is particularly useful if for instance you were just interested in people carriers.

The August bank holiday weekend is always a time of high demand. Hotels book up fast around the city and seats can be quite expensive with airlines. There is no need for a trip to Dublin to cost a small fortune. Be wise and use cost comparison services when booking hotels and car hire. We compare prices from all the top car hire suppliers in Dublin Airport so you can be sure you are getting the best deal possible.