Aer Lingus Pilots Hopeful of Compromise

Pilots working for Aer Lingus have said they would cancel an intended strike this week if the corporation agrees to discussions aimed at preventing major interruptions during the the busy holiday season

“Our proposal is that we jointly approach the Labour Relations Commission with a request to facilitate joint discussions,” Captain Evan Cullen, President of the Irish Airline Pilots’ Association, wrote in a letter to Aer Lingus Chief Executive Dermot Mannion.

“If you are agreeable, the strike will be suspended when we have received written confirmation of the above.”

This month saw Aer Lingus launch its 1st base outside the Republic of Ireland in Belfast in the North of Ireland in a bid to increase development at the once state airline, which faces tough rivalry from the other major Irish airline Ryanair.

Pilots are furious saying they believe Aer Lingus will pay a lower rate to staff in Dublin than they will to staff in Belfast. Plans are afoot for Dublin Airport staff to strike on Tuesday August 21st and Wednesday August 22nd. There seems little hope at the moment of averting the planned strike

In order to prepare for the interruptions, Aer Lingus has hired planes to supply a restricted service for roughly 7,000 customers however that is only a small portion of the 46,000 to 55,000 expecting to travel.