100 Miss Flights

Last Wednesday saw Ryanair call on the new chairman of the DAA David Dilger to take positive action regarding what they referred to as the appalling service levels at Dublin Airport.

Recently over one hundred passengers missed their morning flight due to huge lines at security points. Many passengers spoke of lines being as long as a half kilometre, According to Ryanair there were just eight security points open at five am meaning that nine were closed.

The budget airline further criticised the DAA for “re-deployment of staff” which they say the average passenger is footing the bill for. They also took a pop at the terminal two building claiming “lollypop men” at the site were of more importance to the DAA than airport security.

A spokesman for Ryanair Stephen McNamara spoke of the declining number of passengers at Dublin airport and how the DAA must take their share of the blame due to making Dublin Airport one of the most expensive airports in the world to pass through. With summer peak periods fast approaching Ryanair asked that new chairman Dilger take an urgent look at the situation.